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Join our community of EMS Professionals to access cutting-edge trainings, better career opportunities, and earn extra income.
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Unlock Your Career as an EMS Professional

Join our community of EMS Professionals to access cutting-edge trainings, better career opportunities, and earn extra income.

About Us

Welcome to Reeact! Your digital platform for emergency medical services. We are here to connect patients, families, corporate bodies with emergency medicine professionals, ambulances, and emergency departments.

About Us

Reeact is a digital platform for emergency medical services. It connects ambulances, respondents, emergency departments, corporate bodies and families.

Our Platform

Our Services

EMS Trainings & Capacity Building

Gain the skills needed to save lives through our comprehensive programs and capacity-building initiatives.

Emergency Response Services

From medical crises to natural disasters, we are prepared to handle any situation with unwavering commitment.

EMS Career Development

Count on our highly trained professionals and advanced equipment for swift and effective emergency assistance. Trust us to provide the help and hope needed in challenging times.

Reeact will Empower You!

Are you an ambulance owner?
Reeact will help you operate your business efficiently, with a one-stop EMS solution.

You too can become a life saver!

With our training program, you too can become a life saver. Learn essential emergency first responder skills to respond swiftly and confidently in a medical emergency. 

Elevate your career with Reeact's Education Program!

Higher Earning Potential
International Standard Training
Cutting-Edge Skill Development

Register Your Emergency Center for Rapid Response and Collaboration

Seamless EMS Management
Efficient Patient Transfers
Comprehensive Corporate EMS Support

Benefits of Reeact

International Affiliations

International standard trainings and affiliation with our foreign EMS partners through Reeact Education Program.

Free Courses & Materials

We provide compliance trainings and standard operational protocols to providers under our platform through our free CPD courses and materials.

Uniformed Prices

Reeact is an ecosystem for emergency vehicles, Prices are monitored and uniformly coordinated, thereby cutting exorbitant costs by privately operated ambulance service providers.

Wide Coverage

Ambulance users can see and request any ambulance anywhere and get service in time.

Ready Availability

Reeact is readily available regardless of the patient location or medical condition.


Using Reeact, a patient will not be limited by location or to the their registered hospital.

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